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I love to date escorts, but I am not sure what the best dating style is

London is full of escort agencies which offer both services and I cannot make my mind up about which is the best way to date escorts. At the moment I am dating Westminster escorts from, and the girls at the escort agency in Westminster offer both an incall and outcall service which is great. The only thing is that my favorite girl is only into outcall escorting.
When I first started to date escorts in London a long time ago, all of the girls at the escort agencies that I used, would only date you on an incall basis. Since then a lot has changed, and it is now harder to get around London than ever before. There is a lot of construction work going on all of the time, and on top of that, the traffic is totally maddening. I know that it is nice to visit Westminster escorts, but it can drive you mad having to deal with modern day London.
When you have finished a date, it is nice to chill out right away as well. When you date incall girls you cannot do that. After I have been on a date with my favorite girl at Westminster escorts, I look really exhausted and to be fair to her, I just want to sleep. Having to once again cope with London is not good, and I would much rather not have to negotiate all of the hassle which is London.
I have tried a couple of outcall dates with Westminster escorts and I have had a really good time on all of them. I can understand that they are not perfect for everybody. Guys who live on their own can easily accommodate outcall dates, but if you live with a partner, he or she may not be too happy about it. The last couple of dates that I have enjoyed with the girls from the escort agency in Westminster have all been on an outcall basis. Sure they have been great, and I have been able to relax afterwards. As a matter of fact, since I have been dating outcall escorts, I have been feeling a lot more relaxed than when I dated incall escorts.
What is the future? Well, I love the girls at Westminster escort services and I would like to continue to see them. As I am getting a bit older, and London in general stresses me out, I think that I will continue to date outcall escorts from the escort agency in Westminster. For me, it is the ideal service, and means that all I need to do is to pick up the phone and call the girls. It does not take them very long to come around to see me, and if you like to have fun with escorts, I think outcall escorting is the best solution.