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Chelmsford Escorts Couples Into Sexual Swinging

When I first started to date my boyfriend, I was not into swinging at all. A couple of the girls who work for Chelmsford escorts were however serious swingers, and I had always wanted to try swinging. Luckily for me my new boyfriend is kind of broad minded and he did not mind trying swinging with me. One weekend, we decided to make our lives a bit more exciting, and we went swinging with my friends from Chelmsford escorts escorts. To be honest, we had a great time and really explored our minds. Yes, swinging may not be for everybody but it certainly works for us as a couple.

Why do couples get into swinging? The girls at Chelmsford escorts who have been swinging for a long time think it is because swinging is a bit naughty. I would have a tendency to agree. We would all like to have a bit more naughtiness in our lives, and perhaps a bit more adventure as well. We certainly get a lot of that at Chelmsford escorts anyway, but I have to say that with swinging you can mix adventure with pleasure. I think this is the main reason why my boyfriend and I go swinging.

The most important thing is to get in with a nice group of swingers. At first, I wasn’t too worried about that, but I soon realized that the girls back at Chelmsford escorts escorts were right. It is really vital to be part of the right swinging crowd otherwise things will go pear shaped pretty quick. You need to know how to trust somebody, and if you like, the girls from Chelmsford escorts were my security or comfort blanket. I knew that they understood the scene in our local area, and that they had meet people at the swingers club before.

At the moment, my boyfriend and I are kind of new to swinging still. We really enjoy but we are not prepared to venture away from the safety of my friends from Chelmsford escorts escorts. When we go swinging we go as a whole team and it is more fun. I have to admit that I feel a lot more relaxed in the company of my friends from Chelmsford escorts. Perhaps one day in the future, my boyfriend and I will start to explore things a bit more, but at the moment we are not ready for that at all.

If you are interested in getting involved with swinging, there are several clubs that have what I would call buddy programs. You simply go with a more experienced swinger and I think that works well. This is really important if you are a single woman who fancy having a go at swinging. If you go on your own you may feel a bit exposed. However, if you go with a man or woman with experience, this person will look after you. I think that makes a huge difference and will give a real confidence boost. Anyway, I will continue to enjoy swinging with my boyfriend and my friends from Chelmsford escorts.