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The difference between a wife and an escort

A wife is your partner whom you are legally bound for life. Escorts are companions based upon payment.


Society created a husband-wife structure to create a stable foundation which would assist in the development of next generation descendants. An escort is a pretty old concept to act as a companion for fixed charges without any obligation to raise a family. There are a number of escort agencies out there, but I personally can vouch for London Escorts who are doing a fine job out there.London Escorts is a professional agency who have provided companions to thousands of people. London Escorts has a fine reputation in the sense that they mean what they say. No wonder, clients repeatedly approach it for their paid services.


If one were to compare a wife and an escort, one would find a number of differences which I enlist as below:


1. Escorts are short-term, wife is long-lasting

Escort will never wed you. Escorts are more of a per time arrangement. Escorts are in fact better that girlfriends or mistresses as they are not a threat to your relationship. Escorts will, in fact, make money from you and several others. Charlotte London Escorts has highly trained and experienced escorts who will never try to disturb a clients’ social fabric.


2. Escorts can relieve a chocked-up man, Wife can add to his stress

The current work pressures, targets, frictional relationships with wives can really choke up any fellow. This can affect your work, performance, health, etc. It could create a vulnerable situation of work security and relationships with others. In this way, an escort is a blessing in disguise.


3. Escorts are safer than mistresses or girlfriends

You may be at a higher risk if you were to pick up a random girl from a bar. With escorts, you have to compulsorily, play safe. Escorts will like to be in your company in a safe zone rather than outside in the club or the park or any isolated area. London Escorts specifically instructs its escorts to have safe practices whenever dealing with clients.


4. Escorts do not threaten relationships

Escorts are not a threat to your relationship. In fact, she will never fall in love with you. She really listens to you. But she will never try to disturb your social fabric.


5. With escorts, the costs are under control

Escorts generally charge as per their hourly rate. They are definitely less than those for a girlfriend or a mistress.


6. A wife can take everything or a huge chunk in alimony, an escort cannot

A wife fighting for divorce can end up with huge amounts, assets besides monthly maintenance costs. An escorts’ dues are only on the fixed charges each hour. London Escorts has a huge database of escorts who are very professional and never try to harm you financially.


An escort is pretty different than a wife. There are many escort agencies but do not try any unknown or murky shop out there. A professional agency like London Escorts is your best bet to help you out with your needs.Do try out the best London Escorts for escort services. You shall certainly enjoy the experience.